A Big Welcome to our Brand New Website

After many months of planning and preparation we are proud to share with all our members.

Our new website it still a work in progress…. So watch this space!


4 thoughts on “A Big Welcome to our Brand New Website

  1. Kaye Yarnold says:

    I can only get one page, what appears to be the front one. Is there more? I understand it is still a work in progress and I appreciate that, but surely I must be missing something. What am I doing wrong.


  2. Joanne and Allan Green. says:

    I still cannot find out who has taken on the roll of president, secretary, news letter, etc., with addresses.
    Would love to be notified some time .
    The Green Gang.
    Grenfell NSW


    • gordonsetterclubofvictoria says:

      Hi Joanne and Allan,

      Our winter newsletter is due in the next couple of weeks.

      Will contain the who’s who of this year committee and their contact information, if you guys are up to date your membership you should be receiving emails of all our events, so I’ll check with the club’s treasurer to see if you guys are up to date and get back to you

      Best regards,



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