Dogs Victoria: Legislation Update!


DOGS Victoria, the peak body representing almost ten thousand owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria, shares the concerns of the Victorian Government, the RSPCA, vets and the community over the operation of unethical, so called ‘puppy farms’ and unregistered, backyard breeders.

We are keen to work with Government and sector bodies in establishing a transparent regulatory framework that meets both community expectations while ensuring the DOGS Victoria registered breeders can continue to breed well adjusted, healthy pups for loving homes.

DOGS Victoria President, Wayne Fleming, says ‘We have voiced our strong concerns over the impact that the current proposed Bill will have for breeders that are our members, who breed to ensure the future of their breeds and because they have a passion for purebred dogs’.

‘The Minister has said that she has heard our concerns, and we are working with the Government, the Department and the RSPCA on establishing a system that will ensure DOGS Victoria breeders can continue to raise pups in their homes and provide loving new owners with healthy, registered pedigree dogs.’

DOGS Victoria’s push for a review into the legislation has resulted in the announcement of a parliamentary committee inquiry, whereby stakeholders, including DOGS Victoria, will be able to highlight concerns over the likely impact of the Bill. The Committee will make their recommendations on the Bill to Parliament on 6 December 2016.

DOGS Victoria members have been active in the campaign for change to the proposed legislation, contacting both politicians and local councils.  At a meeting last night held at the State Dog Centre, KCC Park in Skye, approximately 500 members gathered to express their concerns surrounding the current legislation, reinforcing the need to review the legislation.

DOGS Victoria will continue to work with Government and the sector on establishing a breeder licencing framework that will safeguard the future of pedigree dogs, ensuring that registered DOGS Victoria breeders can continue to meet the highest regulatory standards in terms of health and genetic testing, breed type and temperament whilst meeting a strict code of practice and accountability measures.

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