Parliamentary Inquiry Update!!!

A Letter From DOGS Victoria President, Mr Wayne Fleming

Dear Members

Now that our presentation to the parliamentary inquiry is over I want to say thanks to my two colleagues Terri McDonald and Sylvia Power, two super stars.

Words fail me, I can only say thank you, which does not seem enough, but thank you on behalf of myself, Management Committee, and all of our 10,000 members.

To go to the inquiry with 100’s of text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls, emails, from members all wishing us well was overwhelming, but gives you the strength to do things which are outside your comfort zone.

Further I want to say thanks to Sarah Ewenson and her team, the people behind our publicity campaign. What a magnificent job they are doing. And of course to all our wonderful members who have got behind the campaign and flooded all of Victoria with our the important messages. I don’t know what you t tggggggwaav

The new message is, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, our fight has only just begun.

With regards,

Wayne Fleming

President, Dogs Victoria


Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shops) Bill 2016 

Jaala Pulford has told the inquiry that she will reintroduce the Bill next week with some amendments. Therefore, It’s critical we contact these Upper House members before the 22 November, to stress  that the lack of consultation is why this Bill is unworkable and reintroducing it a week later with minimal consultation still will not fix the core issues, we support the intent of the Bill and want to get it right!

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